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Ambra - Task management tool is a productivity platform that helps teams and individuals organize tasks in a natural way. 

In 2020, we helped Ambra team to develop a task management tool that makes it easy for teams to collaborate and manage their tasks. This tool uses natural language processing and a user-friendly interface to allow users to quickly and easily create, assign, and track tasks without the need for complicated forms or systems.

The Challenge

The Ambra team recognized that many companies found it difficult to manage their tasks using outdated form-driven tools and decided that it was time to change the way teams organized their tasks. They often used outdated tools where they would have to fill out multiple forms to write a simple task, but these systems were not always efficient or user-friendly. The problem: They needed a software development team to partner with that could scale with it as it grew, where they could rely on the security and performance.

The Solution

After an exhaustive research and review of the marketplace, Quantix team together with Ambra's founders decided to go with the easiest approach, solving these problems by providing a simple and intuitive way to manage tasks. Users now can easily create tasks and assign them to team members using @mentions, and can use #tags to add keywords, status, and priority of the tasks, just like they use social media platforms.

How you create a task in

How it works

In addition to the task list view, Ambra also offers a kanban board view that allows teams to visualize their tasks and track their progress in a more visual way. This can be particularly useful for teams that work on large or complex projects.

Another key feature of Ambra is the team workload view, which provides an overview of the tasks assigned to each team member. This can help project managers to ensure that their team's workload is balanced and that no one is overburdened with too many tasks. Additionally, Ambra offers insights and roadmap views, which provide valuable information about the progress of a project and help teams to plan and prioritize their tasks more effectively.
Overall, it is a powerful and easy-to-use task management tool that helps teams to stay organized, communicate effectively, and collaborate efficiently.

Tasklist view

Technologies used

To develop, we used a cloud-based infrastructure on AWS, with a .NET and Node.js backend and an Angular and NgRx frontend. This allowed us to build a scalable and reliable platform that can handle the demands of different teams. We also built platform apps using Flutter, which allows to be used on a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets.


Since using Ambra, our team and more than 5K users have reported significant improvements in their task management processes. They have been able to reduce the time and effort required to manage tasks, and have been able to track their progress more accurately and efficiently. As a result, teams have been able to increase their productivity and achieve their goals more quickly.
For example, our own team at Quantix has had a massive reduction in the time required to manage tasks, which allowed our team to focus on more important work.

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