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The Albanian language through artificial intelligence - Albanian speech to text

Overview is a software based on artificial intelligence for the conversion of the spoken Albanian language into written language.
The software enables a speech from any audio-visual format or even direct speech to be converted to text in real-time, with a high accuracy (over 90%).
The whole idea behind was to bring change in the Albanian community by providing support and giving easy accessibilty for people with disabilities, as well as shortening speech transcription time in different institutions.


The development of posed significant challenges, with one of the most notable being the scarcity of available data in the Albanian language. Unlike more widely represented languages, the limited corpus of Albanian data presented an obstacle in training our AI models to understand and transcribe the language effectively.


To address the challenge of the limited data, we embarked on an ambitious initiative to gather a diverse range of Albanian language samples. This involved collaborating with linguists, language experts, and even engaging a team of hundreds individuals solely dedicated to reading and transcribing materials in Albanian. The data they generated played a pivotal role in training's machine learning algorithms, enabling the software to accurately transcribe spoken Albanian into written text with impressive accuracy.


Albanian language was among the few languages that machines did not recognize before, and considering how technology is helpful in human activities, especially for people with disabilities, aims to solve these problems by using the latest technologies.
The benefits of using are numerous and can be used for individuals, and those in different industries and institutions. These different areas can include: 
- subtitling of TV shows to provide accessibility for all viewers, and transcription of interviews for journalists.
- (parliament, ministry, municipal assemblies) - transcription of meetings and sessions, intelligent data (insights) for participation and discussion.
Law enforcement institutions -
transcription of conversations and hearings way faster than manual transcriptions
Other - innovative solutions for language learning, reading, content creation, studying etc,.

Key Features We Implemented for has been designed to empower users with a seamless and comprehensive transcription experience. Here's an overview of its current functions:
Accurate Transcription: excels in transforming spoken content into accurate written text, offering a reliable solution for converting audio and video materials into written form.
Effortless Punctuation:
With built-in punctuation capabilities, automatically punctuates the transcribed text, enhancing the readability and coherence of the output.
Diverse File Formats: supports a range of audio and video file formats such as .mp3, .mp4, and .wav, allowing users to conveniently transcribe materials from various sources.
YouTube Link Transcription:
Users can effortlessly transcribe videos and audios by providing YouTube links, broadening the compatibility and sources for transcription.

What's next?

Our journey doesn't stop here; we're committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Here's a glimpse of what lies ahead:
Albanian Text-to-Speech:
In the near future, will introduce the first version of Albanian text-to-speech, enabling users to convert written text into spoken words, expanding the platform's capabilities.
Enhanced Punctuation:
Beyond transcription, will offer punctuation assistance for written texts, making sure your punctuation is accurate and polished.
Speakers Recognition:
Recognizing speakers during transcription will soon become a reality.'s advanced technology will identify distinct speakers based on their voices, simplifying the process of attributing dialogue.
Video Subtitles: is evolving to include not only textual transcription but also subtitles for videos. This feature will enable users to align subtitles with the video, providing a richer and more accessible viewing experience.


With over 3,000 users actively benefiting from's functionalities, we are humbled and proud by the impact we have made on diverse individuals, industries, and institutions. The success stories and testimonials that have emerged speak volumes about the tangible difference has brought and will continue to bring to the lives of countless individuals. From journalists transcribing interviews effortlessly to students enhancing their methods of studying, has demonstrated its usefulness and transformative potential across various sectors.


The journey of has been marked by innovation, dedication, and a commitment to transforming the way Albanian language is transcribed and utilized. With a growing community of over 3,000 active users and a range of advanced features, stands as a beacon of progress in the field of AI-powered transcription. From its inception to its future endeavors, remains devoted to making spoken content more accessible, efficient, and impactful for individuals, professionals, and industries alike.

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