Erudera - Education search platform

Erudera is the world's first education search platform backed by AI.

Erudera - Education search platform

Erudera is a study program discovery platform launched for the first time in February 2021 and now helps more than 1 million students a year find their ideal university. Powered by the world's largest database of study programs, Erudera provides personalized recommendations for students on where and what to study based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
The journey of Erudera began in 2020 when Gent Ukehajdaraj and Besart Bajrami, from NextSEO, a digital marketing agency, joined forces with Betim Drenica, CEO of Quantix to forever change how students choose their future academic trails.

How does it work?

Erudera helps students to determine their ideal institution and study program based on their personality, academic achievements, job possibilities, and personal preferences, allowing them to conduct additional research, compare options, and make more informed decisions on their own.

After registering as users, students are provided with personalized recommendations allowing them to tailor their search for suitable post secondary possibilities. Furthermore, they can browse more than 23,000 university profiles and more than 64,000 distinct academic programs on the Erudera platform.

Apart from personalized recommendations, Erudera also provides all key program information which is displayed alongside additional supporting information, such as costs of living and studying in the chosen location, employment prospects, leisure activities, and other more favorable alternatives based on the individual's preferences.
The website offers statistics on higher education in various locations as well as news updates on advances in higher education in Europe, Australia, the United States, and other nations.

The Challenge of Developing Erudera

Erudera is an ongoing project, so the challenges never stop. One of the biggest challenges that goes on in Erudera is having data that is constantly up to date. Regardless of these challenges that require maximum effort and focus, providing the core development team for Erudera, Quantix continues to upgrade the platform transforming students' life forever in fitting in their future studies.

Technologies used

Erudera was built with Wagtail CMS, which is based on the Django framework and uses Python as its programming language. It makes use of the PostgreSQL database and front-end technologies such as HTML, SCSS, Bootstrap, Javascript etc.
Technologies used in Erudera like Django are known for strong Data Privacy enforcement, also good practices like firewalls, data encryption, library updating, backups, and constant monitoring are some of the measures taken regarding the Data Privacy issue.

In an interview for Forbes, Quantix's CEO describes the website’s use of artificial intelligence technology as one of its unique features. Furthermore, he adds that we are using the latest technology on Erudera and that the future is bright for students, universities and everyone in higher education embracing AI and ML.

Why NextSEO Chose Quantix

"We partnered up with Quantix to develop Erudera, a global platform with an ambitious goal to disrupt the higher education industry. Over the years we've worked together, they have been exceptional in what they do, always responsive to our requests with at the same time offering professional advice that was critical to the product development process." - Gent Ukehajdaraj, CEO and Co-Founder of Erudera

The Results

Erudera's growth is astounding. Even before its official launch, Erudera had over 2,000 students who had registered to learn more about at least one program.

As of October 2022, Erudera has over 100,000 monthly users that are assisted in finding study programs by the platform and the team.

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