Prisig - A platform in the insurance market

Prisig - A platform in the insurance market

Prisig is a modern and innovative platform for managing voluntary and non-voluntary policies, reporting and handling claims, and managing company agents and employees. The platform is designed to be flexible, easily accessible, reliable, and secure for all users. The insurance industry in Kosovo has been traditionally associated with lack of user-friendly options for policyholders. Prisig aims to change that by providing a comprehensive and user-friendly platform.


The insurance market is a highly sensitive area, with strict regulations and requirements for data management and security. Prisig was developed to meet these requirements and provide a comprehensive solution.The platform offers a wide range of voluntary insurance products, including Travel Health, Personal Accident Resident, Personal Accident Non Resident, Kasko, Health Insurance, Fire Risk, Property, Responsibilities, Guaranty, All Risk, Cash In Transit, Car, and Wares In Transit. Additionally, we also established Prisig with the third system, another platform for involuntary insurance developed within the framework of the Kosovo Insurance Bureau for the insurance TPL or MTPL (Motor Third Party) and TPL+.

How Prisig Works

Prisig is a web-based platform that provides various levels of access depending on the nature of its users and the privileges determined by the administrator.

These levels include: administration, company staff, agents, and clients.
All the voluntary insurance products developed on the platform are compliant with domestic and international laws, and the system is being constantly updated to ensure that it remains at the forefront of the insurance market.

Technologies used

The client app is developed using DotNet core, C#, Angular, Nebular UI library, and is deployed on AWS resources. The resources we used are Lambda, S3 RSD, API gateway, SES. These technologies allow Prisig to provide a high level of security and data management, as well as scalability and flexibility.

Why Prisig chose Quantix?

Prisig selected Quantix as their software development partner due to our proven track record in delivering successful custom solutions. Our team of skilled developers and dedication made us the ideal choice for the project. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, they turned to Quantix to launch an online platform for their insurance services, making Prisig the first company in Kosovo in the insurance industry to offer online services. The successful implementation of this platform prompted Prisig to expand our collaboration to include other key areas of their business, such as administrative and mobile components.

Uniqueness of Prisig in the industry

Prisig has established itself as a reputable name in the Kosovo insurance market, providing its customers with a platform that is not only easy to navigate but also offers a wide range of services and features. Its integration with a third-party system for involuntary insurance allows clients to manage both voluntary and non-voluntary policies in one place, making it a one-stop-shop for all their insurance needs.

Additionally, Prisig's mobile component, which is currently under development, will allow clients to access their portfolios and manage their policies on-the-go, providing even more convenience and flexibility. Furthermore, the platform includes a variety of tools for managing and reporting claims, including the ability to track the status of claims. The platform also includes a range of security measures to protect client data.
Prisig is constantly updated and improved to ensure that it remains at the forefront of the insurance market and can meet the evolving needs of its clients.


Prisig is changing the insurance industry game in Kosovo by providing a user-friendly, comprehensive, and secure platform for managing insurance policies. Its integration with a third-party system, mobile component, and various tools for managing claims and agents, make it a unique solution in the market. 
The platform's flexibility, scalability and the constant update ensures that it will remain relevant and at the forefront of the industry.

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